Replica Rolex Submariner "Hulk" And GMT-Master II "Batman"

We will take a closer look at replica Rolex Submariner Hulk and Rolex GMT Master II batman replica and find out why they are so popular. Before we delve into the replica watch, let me introduce you to this one with a marble base and a white cushion. A new type of replica watch stand with stainless steel bars, this model is called a pearl lilac fake watch stand, suitable for two replica watches. It is available in our store.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV And GMT-Master II

Let's start with this green beauty! The replica Rolex Submariner reference number is 116610LV. It is nicknamed the Hulk because of its beautiful green sumber style and green ceramic bezel. It uses a 40 mm Oyster-style stainless steel case and is equipped with an Oyster strap and an Oyster style. The clasp and sliding lock are fully functional. Here, we have the fake Rolex gmt master ii batman batman, because it has black and blue borders, so this is the gmt master, which means it has an additional time zone function, it's like a 40mm The Hulk has the greatest time zone function. It has a Jubilee bracelet instead of an Oyster bracelet sitting on the Hulk. This Jubilee bracelet has a polished center link, brushed outer links and lugs, and is equipped with The oyster lock can easily adjust the chain links.

The Difference

So now let us take a closer look at the two different models and the actual differences between them, so I will take care of the gmt captain here, you can take a closer look at the submarine, obviously you have a gear that can rotate on the gmt You can rotate the plate master at the same time, and on the Greenwich type gmt master, you have 24 clicks, and each click you can rotate the bezel, which means one hour, you can check the blue on the dial and the submarine Greenwich hand to tell the auxiliary time zone to use a bezel that only rotates in one direction to time how long you have been underwater and when you should rise again, so basically, what you have to do is set the triangle to the minute hand Position, and then you can track how long you have been there, so let us demonstrate your situation. I have been underwater for 20 minutes, so we set the triangle to the position of the minute hand, and then when time passes, the minute hand will slowly start Point to 20, and when the pointer points to 20, you know that it should rise again.

The reason why the Submariner's bezel can only rotate in one way is that if you accidentally hit it, and it can only move in the right direction, it can be said that you never show yourself the remaining time More than it actually is. That's it, when you happen to be on the bottom of the sea, your fuel tank will not really run out, and another cool feature of the submarine's bezel is that you can use it to time the boiling of the egg, and now we've talked about it. Regarding the bezel function of these two knock off watches, let us take a closer look at the thickness of the case and the watch fake. Obviously, both fake watches have a Maxi case. Yes, there is almost nothing to distinguish the two cases. Come, and the size of the lugs is also different, but you need to go into the details to actually see its thickness, although the gmt master is not designed as a diving replica watch and has a 100-meter water resistance.

Rolex GMT Master 16720 40MM Black Dial width=500

On the other hand, the submarine has a strength of 300 meters and 300 meters. The reason why the submarine is thicker is because it is waterproof, so the thickness of the submarine's shell is 12 inches. 5mm, the thickness of the GMT master is 12mm, okay Alex, so we also have two different bracelets here, we have very popular anniversary bracelets and oyster brackets, or even more precisely, The oyster bracelet is actually a brushed version. It is a Greenwich replica GMT-Master watches for sale and also has oyster bristles, but the middle chain link is polished. Yes, since last year, they have been upgraded or downgraded according to your opinion, and only Batman is installed in the Jubilee bracelet On, yes, when it comes to the bracelet game, Rolex replica watches, I think all their bracelets are very strong, yes, and on the wrist, there is almost no difference in the actual feeling when worn, so I think I personally like the Oyster bracelet, This is a matter of personal preference and personal preference, but the jubilee is getting longer and longer because we are talking about oyster bracelets.

We definitely want to talk about the buckle of the oyster ring, because on the Hulk, you have a voice lock, but the lock has a sliding lock function, so basically what you can do is to adjust the bracelet according to the size of the wrist. , For example, when it is warm outside, the wrist will become smaller. It's swollen a bit, so you can easily change that, and then change after that Saturday's pizza. Oh, yes, there is beer, so this is a feature, basically one of the features used with it, but also there And it's worth mentioning why there is a sliding lock function on the submarine, so when you actually want to dive, you can actually adjust the size when you want to wear it outside the wetsuit, yes , Yes, and so on. We have more common oyster clasps on Greenwich Mean Time and Greenwich Mean Time, and have easy-to-adjust links, so you can still adjust it, but not as much as a submarine.

So once you have the pizza and those beers, it's basically fine, so the last thing that actually separates the two fake watches is the movement, yes, the ticking inside makes these replica watches work a lot So Batman apparently upgraded its movement when he released the Jubilee bracelet on the movement, and the movement used by the Hulk is almost the same, because it was like 20 years ago and 30 years ago, so the Hulk is the most It is possible to get the update and movement information, but it is still necessary to say that the submarine production line is most likely to get the movement information update, very fast, we will see if the Hulk will really stick to it, but I have a big thing, I have already paid attention When it comes to these two actions, especially with the Greenwich Standard Master, it shocked me. This is the first time I am really a little afraid of the wrong thing I am holding.

Rolex fake, because the new gmt cord is much louder than the screwdriver movement, in fact, you can hear the rotor spinning on your wrist, or when you do, it makes enough rattling , Like a rattlesnake, or less, yes, it reminds you a little bit, if you have heard that the old values are obviously inferior to those old values, and these old values are propeller airplanes, yes, but because it is a replica Rolex, it Big enough to raise ari eyebrows loudly, famous for their superb movements and everything, you know, this is a new movement, this is a new movement, yes, I can understand whether it is the opposite way, but this is a The new action actually sounds reasonable. It may also be because the thickness is not as thick as that of a submarine. Maybe the sound won't be easy. Yes, but yes, I mean, it's actually a shock to me about the price. Worry, well, these are two very popular models that we know so far.

There is a kind of Hulk. Now I talk about a lot of topics every year, but I know I talk about it every year, but this year is different because I heard from some sources that the new replica Rolex catalog is leaked, and the Hulk on the submarine is not on it. I don't know,'I don't know how much truth there is, but knock off Rolex new watches 2020 said they will release the news this fall instead of next year, so we'll be back in the middle soon, yes, but when it comes to the market, I It is believed that the Hulk has been pushed up a lot recently due to these rumors, apparently because they are difficult to obtain due to the blockade. In Switzerland, Rolex replica made the locking device.

I really like the Hulk. I like the green Hulk. I like the contrast between them and the contrast between them, as well as the brushing, the contrast between the bracelet and the lugs, etc., etc., etc., I don't like Batman, actually I There is Batman the Oyster, and after I have owned it for quite a while, I let it go black and blue. When I have it, it is not that attractive, yes, I understand how I feel , I also own these two replica watches. Yes, the past two times are the Hulk and Batman, if I buy it again, I will probably go with the Jubilee Batman because I put my old Oyster Batman in the Super Jubilee bracelet Before you can use this option, so you can basically say that fake Rolex copied you, yes, yes, I will not please myself so much, but for me even though I prefer the ceramic bezel and the dial The balance is more matched, but the Hulk replica watch is still a good watch, because I think there is a small difference between the frosted ceramic bezel and the very bright sunrise green dial, so for me, the black and blue gmt master batman is a bit Subtle, yes, I prefer Jubilee bracelets, so I mean there is no right or wrong, or there is no better watch than other super clone watches, so it's just a matter of personal taste. Basically absolutely good, thank you very much read.


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